Identity + Website

Legastory is an Emmy Award-winning team and professional production company that produces documentaries to tell the stories of the families who have reached the pinnacle of their success - leaving no details behind in revealing how they achieved it.

our mission

Our mission was to create a brand identity thats tells a unique and personal story that can’t be replicated, reflecting the service Legastory does for their clients.

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our approach

As we sketched out the word "Legastory" letter by letter, we were searching for an opportunity to incorporate a small yet special idea into the logo. We came up with a concept that featured the ‘S’ in “Legastory” as an hourglass shape - a homage to the passage of time and generations that is central to the brand story and the work that they do.

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Identity + Website

Legastory tells unique stories, and it was our goal to give them a unique, single page website that does the same. My approach was to take the user on a journey, section by section, that would make them curious and fascinated in who Legastory is. Adding large images that convey this journey, combined with parallax animations, a lot of breathing room, and clean typography is what brought this site to life.

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