Identity + Brand Book

Centro is a burger restaurant located in Lombard, Illinois that celebrates good food and good people, with community at the center of everything they do.

our mission

Our mission was to create a brand identity that reflects what Centro wants their customers to experience; personal service, a deep respect for food, an uplifting community, and freedom of expression. Customers leave the restaurant feeling full, inspired, connected, and celebrated.

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our approach

Our approach was to give Centro a new branding that is fun, energetic, and approachable to anyone, yet still unique to Centro. With this, we designed a logo that creates Centro as its own planet; part of a broader solar system of food-loving communities. A clean, rounded, and thicker stroke weight on the burger gives a fun and approachable look while staying modern and easily recognizable. We then paired the burger with a juicy custom made font.

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Identity + Brand Book

It was important for the Centro team to have a brand book. We created that to help them make sure that they have all of their creative standards aligned. We gave them a guide to brand fonts, colors, logo usage, and more.

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